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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:00 on wednesday. hope you had a good night sleep. it is quieter. >> for a lot of people. the thunderstorms have moved on. what can we expect today? calmer weather. check out live doppler 7 hd. just a few hours of patchy
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drizzle in the clouds. you could have moisture on the windshield wipers. that is it. increasing sunshine today. very mild from 70 around san francisco and oakland to 80 in san jose and 81 to 86 inland east bay neighborhoods and along the coast a few clouds left over but a lot of sunshine and 65 to 70. >> the commute is rough. we have had a couple of accidents through tracy westbound 205 before you get to 580 slowing traffic down. we have this report of a fire, vegetation fire along 80 so watch out for that. the drive does not appear to affect highway 4 antioch to hercules and through san jose quiet and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we
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seeing cashpayers floating up and they have gone and from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge traffic is smooth after treasure island. an east bay liquor store is a drive through. a woman is hurt. she slammed the truck into the building. katie marzullo and at house of liquors in san leandro. katie? look at this: the front corner of the store is where she plowed into the building. if you pull out you can see firefighters added this extra structure to shore up the overhang of the building to make sure there was no danger of collapse. i talked with the police department and i have new information on what happened and the driver. police say she did appear to have been drinking. they have not determined how much. this happened at 9:40. she came to house of liquors as
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a customer and bought something inside. they not sure what. then she crashed into the liquor store trying to leave. police could not say how fast she was going but the big 1980 gmc did a lot of damage. >> we will have to put up lumber to secure this area so when the vehicle is moved there is not a collapse. >> an employee of house of liquors was outside and saw it happen. not sure if anyone else was inside at the time of crash. no one else was hurt. the store was open. the driver is a woman if her early 40's and was taken to the hospital first. unknown injuries. she has been booked into jail. firefighters say they do not
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believe as bad as this is it will have to be red tagged and it could be re-opened shortly. happening now, president obama is back in the bay area for a pay of fundraising events. air force one touched down at san francisco international airport and he will attend a fund rayer at the four seasons hotel in san francisco. he will then head to lunch at home of real estate mogul george marcus. there will be another fundraiser in los angeles and amy hollyfield will have a report in the next half hour. >> immigrant rights activists will be protesting and calling on president obama to protect immigrant children fleeing from central america. san francisco are investigating a shooting death. the victim was found at 6th street near mission after 11
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o'clock last night. the victim died at the hospital. before the shooting was reported a man injured in the same area. the 25-year-old victim was taken to the hospital after being hit. there is no word on his condition. there have been no arrests. >> san jose police are training civilians to assist with reports and other cuts. the community service officers will handle nonurgent time reports freeing up officers for more pressing calls. they began five weeks of training and will not carry guns but will have pepper spray the hopefully the officers can fill a void left by the exodus of sworn officers with 400 police officers now than in 2008. authorities in marin warn people of a man retending to be a park ranger confronting dog owners in the past month giving
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them false information abouting do rules in the open space. in one case he took a photo of two women. in the other he reportedly kicked a dog. the ranger is a man in his 40's with salt and pepper hair and seen riding a mountain bicycle. >> organizers of ping saturday could cancel because of crimes taking place. the sisters of perpetual indull conference could drop the event after a member was attacked. that happened although they hired 80 private gar carrying the body of malaysian victims from ukraine to the netherlands. the first departure of coffins left ukraine this morning. they will be positively identified in netherlands. today is a "national day of
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mourning," in the net -- netherlands. most of the passengers were dutch. john kerry believes negotiations are making progress toward a cease-fire between israel and hamas. john kerry and ban ki-moon are trying to broke are a truce between israel and hamas. now to washington, dc with the latest. despite appeals from israel to reverse the ban on arrival and departures of the main airport the f.a.a. says the ban is to protect americans. >> this morning, secretary of state john kerry made a surprise visit to israel pushing for negotiated cease-fire in the deadly israel and palestinian conflict. he will meet with israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu and palestinian authority president abbas.
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we have made steps forward. there is still work. >> john kerry touched down less than a day after the f.a.a. banned united states airlines from flying into or out of the international airport in tel aviv. the measure is an agency that has not been enacted in 20 years. major european carriers followed suit. >> with the travel warnings we take seriously the security of american citizens. >> a rocket from gaza land add mile from israel's tel aviv airport and the invincible dome failed to intercept the rocket. you move to been arrivals and departures from the gateway is a sign caution about flying near combat zones heightened by the downing of a commercial yet. flight radar shows skies over israel quiet.
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israeli officials and former new york city mayor bloomberg wanted the ban reversed saying it hurts israel. secretary john kerry's visit include as stop in jerusalem hoping to find a temporary peace. thank you, now turning over to meteorologist mike nicco. it is quiet, but it is warm, mike! >> it is warm. headed to any bart platform most of us in the mid-to-upper 60's but daly city is 61. check out hair -- hayward at 68. a blanket of clouds is keeping us warm off the officially warm ocean water. in the afternoon we will be near average in san francisco and oakland at 69 and 73 and the
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rest of us two to seven degrees cooler. napa is 81. san jose is 79. livermore is 82. enjoy it. tomorrow you will be ten degrees warmer. today we have drizzle through 7:00 or 8:00 and it is patchy. we will have clouds decreasing by noon. 66 at the coast, 74 inland, and at the coast, tons of sunshine and mid-60's to 80 and mild temperatures at 64 at coast and 76 inland. >> sunday is going to be the 37th annual san francisco marathon. that means traffic impact at midnight on sunday through early afternoon hours and it will traverse a wide area of the bay area in terms of san francisco and the golden gate bridge and the embarcadero and fisherman's wharf and into sunset and upper
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and lower height it will impact traffic on market and throughout friend. they are trying to minimize the traffic impact by starting so early at midnight on sunday. keep that in mind. you may want to stay home if you live in the city. the richmond and san rafael toll plaza is quiet. over the bridge into the north bay traffic conditions are quiet who do you think secretly spends more? men? or women? find out in america's money. >> a's and the giants put in overtime and tim lincecum saved the day. >> target is making things
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covering santa close berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> more financial plans for a vocational school. the owner of the college filed for bankruptcy on friday. on monday the department of education places the company on heightened financial monitoring status. the campuses are in san jose, san francisco, los angeles, and hair. campuses were still open. two months ago they surprised students with two day closing and said they had an issue overunpaid rent which it-w98mm resolved. donald sterling filed a new
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civil lawsuit asking to block a deal brokered by his wife. documents filed yesterday by his attorney seek damages from his wife, the nba and the commissioner calling a sale of $2 billion to former microsoft c.e.o. unlawful and fraud length. the interim c.e.o. said that doc rivers doesn't think he wants to stay with the team if donald sterling remains the own er. chrysler is recalling calls because of ignition problems. here is that report. a new faulty ignition recall by chrysler, with 800,000 jeeps made from 2005 to 2007 and thing in addition could disengage. >> sales of orange juice are
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lowest level ever down 38 percent over 10 years. it is blamed because of the bacteria that destroyed the citrus crop in florida and orange juice is high in calories and sugar. most of us cannot stand telemarketers so maybe you would like them to go away. new trips on the most efficient ways to stop the annoying calls. less than a quarter of women have secret spending but that is double for men who hide their shopping from their partners. that is america's money. >> matt, where are you hiding receipts? >> target is making it easy to buy what you see in an ad called "in a nap" and you can automatically add things to your shopping cart part of a new program in ten home decoration
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magazines with the new image recognition technology. >> giants tried to pull it off in philadelphia with brandon doubling in the 14th run breaking a 5-5 tie. they still need to retire philadelphia so guess who they call up? tim lincecum. he earned it and finished the race 9-6. >> and in houston the astros were ahead with a solo homer in the 12th and houston held to the lead and astros beat the a's and they meet again tote. >> too bad we didn't have the thunderstorms role through in the 11th inning. maybe they would have a better chance. >> it is quiet today.
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>> in the upper 60's and falling to the mid-50's. tomorrow is a day game at 12:30 and root beer floats tonight at 5:00 for juvenile diabetes the winds are light and variable. that is a sign high pressure is taking hold. they will kick up northwest at 15- to 25-miles per hour. through northern san francisco bay and into the delta community and starting at 6:00 through 3:00 tomorrow morning the winds are aggressive along the coast and come from the northwest so we could see a dip in the temperatures of the ocean water in the 60's rather than the 50's because of the lack of upwelling. the golden gate bridge shows the lack of fog and low clouds. it will be mostly sunny and immediate bit afternoon and clear tonight and patchy fog is possible tomorrow and less of a chance of drizzle this morning.
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heat and dry air arrives tomorrow. the moisture is rolling away from us and the moisture has moved on so it is quieter this morning. with extra sunshine the temperatures are the same as yesterday mid-80's in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and 76 in santa cruz and mid-70's to nearly 80 for the south bay and mid-to-upper 70's and delightful afternoon on the peninsula and palo alto at 76 and half moon bay is 68. nearly 70 downtown in south san francisco. 75 in petaluma. possibly 80 around sonoma and napa and mid-to-upper 60's at roar coast and low-to-mid 70's along the east bay shore with eke land at 73 and a warm spot is brent ottawa at 86. tonight we have patchying for and temperatures are ever-so-slightly cooler from mid-50's to low sick.
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here is the seven-day forecast, check out the desert heat: 70 at the coast, mid-80's to mid-90's from the bay inland and in the low-to-mid 70's along the cost on friday with mid-80's to upper 90's holing true through saturday and still warm on sunday, monday and tuesday. leyla gulen? >> we still have an accident in hayward on the grant avenue on-ramp to southbound 880 if you are coming on to 880 south of 238 you will find it but it is not slowing traffic whatever. we will look at slow and see how it is moving along on 101 the drive is clear beyond the san jose airport 280 is no delays leaving 680 into cupertino and highway 85 it is quiet. to the north, the dumbarton and san mateo bridge are moving along at top peed and 57 miles per hour with early slowing and that is passing to east palo alto. drive time traffic 580 tracy to
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dublin is 35 minutes and an accident when along 205 through tracy before you get to 580 in the clearing stages and highway 4 westboundantian to concord is 15 minutes. thank you, leyla gulen, 15 things to know as you start the day. >> if you think baking a came is too much work we have a sweet invention. ought restaurant that is so popular, so in demand you have to buy a ticket to get a
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new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. i found answers about fibromyalgia, then i found lyrica. [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica and visit to learn about our $25 co-pay offer. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. this morning, president obama is in the bay area for a pair of fundraising events including the four seasons in san francisco and then head to a lunch at the home of real estate mogul george marcus.
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amy hollyfield will have a report in a few minutes. investigators say the woman would drove her truck into the front of an east bay liquor store overnight was drinking. it happened at house of liquor on manor boulevard. she was taken to the hospital before going to jail. crews stabilized the building. three, us airways is canceling two days of flights from philadelphia to tel aviv after banning the airlines from flying to tel aviv year morning for 24 hours after a missile landed near israel's main airport. the ban will expire this morning. more than 1,000 people packed a meeting in richmond for a last chance to comment about chevron's $1 billion plan to modernize the aging refinery. chef reason agreed to lower a cap on greenhouse emissions. five the mystery surrounding the brooklyn bridge continues. new york police are looking for five people seen in surveillance video replacing american flags
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with different type of flags. no rumbles of thunder but patchy drizzle is possible. we have a big heat wave stretching to the coast in the seven-day forecast. that is the bay bridge toll plaza where the tash paying lanes are loading up and the fast trackers are moving loan fine we have had problems this morning and a couple of accidents are clearing. so far, fairly busy start to the wednesday morning. >> a restaurant in north beach is the first in san francisco to try out a new reservation system where you pay for your meal upfront. they are launching the new reservation system in september purchasing a ticket for the price mixed menu on their website and dinners ranged from $145 to $195 and the idea is to cut down on no shows.
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a similar ticketing system has been used in other very high-end restaurants in chicago and los angeles. it is listed among the best restaurants in the world. >> from high end food to low-end food. need a cake in a hurry? a new creation comes in handy with a new invention that sprays cake batter from a can. two hard hard came up with spray cake and are working to patent it. it is like a whipped cream pan cooking in one minute in the microwave but so for no reviews on how it tastes. i can imagine the can going straight into the mouth. >> forget the microwave. >> morning news continues at 5:30 with top stories. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton returns to the bay area with manage to ask parents. >> hiring water his to stop water waste. a late night decision
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:29 on this wednesday. we have been seeing the immediate temperatures in the morning. yesterday we had thunderstorms. today, it looks normal. >> very quiet. mike? absolutely. hopefully the alarms were set because mother nature is quiet this morning. we have drizzle showing up on live doppler 7 hd. the clouds are rolling in from the ocean. so far, no reports thick fog or low clouds covering anything we need to want out for. but drizzle this morning. by the afternoon it is sunny. even to the coast we will see a ton of sunshine, at 65 to 70 into downtown san francisco and around the bay 70 to 80 and
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inland, east bay, 81 to 86. have a good day. we have an accident blocking a lane westbound 205 and you can see it causing a backup away from 5. as you head over to 580, influence the altamont pass, it is getting busy. 280 northbound traffic headlines and southbound traffic is light and accident free in san jose. rebound -- president obama is waking up in the bay area, in san francisco and protesters are in full force. the president obama is staying in san francisco at the
5:31 am
intercontinental. the secret service will not let us get too close. look at this section of how war street: we are at howard and 4th. you want to avoid this area. air force one landed at sfo last night at 9 common 20 and the president went straight to the hotel and will attend a fundraiser in san francisco this morning. he has a noon event at home of george marcus with ticket prices starting at $10,000. two protests planned for outside the marcus home. immigration activists want to convince the president not to deport children who have fled from central america to the united states. a second protest urges the president to save the internet and establish the intent as a public utility. the president is not here for either of the issues but here on a three day trip to the west
5:32 am
coast to raise money for the democratic party for the upcoming elections. the visit here will be a short one leaving for los angeles 1:30 former secretary of state hillary clinton is back in the bay area today. she visited twitter and facebook and google headquarters on monday and today goes to the children's institute urging parents to read and sing and talk to their kids. a woman is in jail for drinking and driving and plowing her truck into a liquor store. it happened at the house of liquor. the woman was taken to the hospital to be checked before going to jail. police say she went to the liquor store last might to buy something and crashed into the building trying to leave the parking lot. crews had to stabilize the building and you can see why.
5:33 am
katie marzullo is getting new details at the scene and will have a report at the top of hour. in the ukraine, the defense ministry says two militariettes have been shot down. the fate of the pilots was not immediately known and the planes were identified as fighter jets the same type of jet shot down by a mill on july 16 a day before the downing of malaysian airlines flight 17. >> the first bodies victims from the malaysian airline will arrive in netherlands today. simple ceremony took place before two military transport planes took off. dutch citizens made up the majority of the 298 killed when it was shot down. the united states believes it was fired by pro hand
5:34 am
operatists. >> secretary of state john kerry says progress is being made on a truce. he landed in israel this morning to engage in face-to-face talks with israel and the palestinians. the arrival came as israel and hamas agreed to a five hour cease-fire today to allow gaza residents to stock up on lies like food and medicine. israel has vowed to fight back if this is rocket fire. the conflict killed 650 palestinians and 31 israelis. the fighting in gaza hits home for a man in san jose after monitoring the situation through satellite tv and social media. he learned of a missile strike on sunday that killed 30 people living in one building. >> i was, like, wow, that is sad. what is going on? who is the family? >> it is my family. >> he last visited two years ago and would like for return but getting to the region is
5:35 am
impossible. the council on islamic relations is demanding an end to the violence and will deliver thousands of letters to senator feinstein's office tomorrow. we told you of the f.a.a. ban with one united states airline not resuming flights to tel aviv today. the us airway announced they canceled flights from philadelphia to tel aviv today and tomorrow. the f.a.a. ban on united states flights into tel aviv is expected to be lifted this morning after 9:00 our time and was issued yesterday after rocket landed near the main airport in central. former new york city mayor bloomberg blew to tel aviv on the israeli airlines last night out of israel. >> an 80-year-old san francisco woman is involving after a bullet shattered her senior living area in the bayview district yesterday. the hole is in the frosted glass of the window.
5:36 am
she was watching tv and glass hit her. a bullet was recovered in her apartment that came from a block away. police did not say if it was connected to hit and run accidents that injured three. daly city police are trying to track down these women wanted in a home invasion robbery. a 29-year-old woman and a 32-year-old were part of the robbery that left a man badly injured. the suspects could be staying in san francisco area. santa clara county will hire water cops to look for those waiting water during the drought. the water district voted to hire up to ten temporary workers to patrol the district. they will not hand out fines but will visit the hopes or businesses of the offenders to educate them. plan costs $500,000. >> there is a land to make it illegal to wastewater.
5:37 am
our media partner, "contra costa times" reports it bans customers from watering their lawns more than twice a week and are require to have a shut off nozzle on the hose. violators are not fined but the district could install water flow restrictions on marines leading to homes or businesses that break the rules. >> we got rain yesterday but the mild temperatures continue. little rain at less than .1" in most areas and only less than that in many places. request have we had the mild mornings? the ocean is warmer than it should be at low-to-mid 60's rather than the low-to-mid 50's. with the marine layer it is coming off warmer water and the monterey bouy is 67, a report warmth.
5:38 am
low-to-mid 60's through most of the north bay and napa is in the upper 50's. low-to-mid 60's around our neighborhood and cupertino is 58. patchy drizzle is possible through 7:00 or 8:00 and clouds will fade to mostly sunny conditions by noon and 66 and 68 and 74 inland. enjoy the comforts of the evening, mid-to-upper 60's but inland is in the low-to-mid 70's. leyla gulen? >> in the north bay it is quiet. we have fought had any accidents good morning, everyone, as we continue in the southbound direction through petaluma, 63 miles per hour northbound and southbound no issues, no construction,er, everything is wrapped up today. 70 miles per hour through marinwood and up to san rafael. we still have this report as a hit-and-run accident blocking
5:39 am
on-ramp to southbound 880. it is clearing as we speak. if you were planning on heading through hayward and san lorenzo you will not have problems. i-80 westbound from albany to the ways a short five minute commute 880 southbound from fremont to san jose 14 minutes and 280 northbound from 101 to cupertino only 11 minutes. hundreds town out for a public hearing on chef republican's controversial land to upgrade the richmond refinery. the pitch the oil giant is making to the city leaders and critic whose say it is not stuff. >> a new health concern over the type of cancer doctors are seeing more of. >> the mystery man who property hundreds dollars worth of grocery for total strangers comes forward with new details that make the story even more
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covering fremont, palo alto, north and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back, 5:42. in washington, cooler and wetter weather is helping firefighters battle the largest fire ms. state history. these are stunning pictures from the front line of the fires which now has burned 400 square miles in the north central part of the state. a flash flood advisory is in affect with heavy rainfall
5:43 am
expected raising concerns after so much ground vegetation burned. the fires are 16 percent contained. >> a study on melanoma finds the risk is higher in marin county than any other part of the state. the results of a study shows the rate of diagnosis 43 percent higher than other bay area counties. and sick percent higher than the state as a whole. scientists have tried to determine why marin has higher-than-average rates of breast cancer and this could put melanoma under the same scrutiny. >> the richmond city council will vote on the land by chevron to modernize the refinery. a thousand people packed the memorial auditorium last night to comment an chevron's controversial billion dollar proposal and the city council heard an appeal from chevron on the planning commission's recommended amendments after reversing the professor
5:44 am
position. >> modernization rod includes safety land more stringent with more monitoring, more reporting and more transparency. >> our position is that modernization of the refinery must make the refinery operations themselves cleaner, not dirty. if the city council approves the new agreement, chevron still has to go back to contra costa county court before construction begins with 2009 judgment lifted that halted a previous version of the project. one of the biggest ever salvage operations is getting close to completion and the "costa concordia" is towed by a dozen tugboats on the final european any for scrapping. "costa concordia" struck a reef off an italian island in 2012
5:45 am
reach port and the owners estimate the salvagation will cost $2 billion. michael sam, the openly bay player, will be at camp on friday. year, -- yesterday there was presence could distract teammates but now they are saying the or wherein station is not the distraction but the media is distraction and the coach feels bad over this. sam responded. >> that good he wasn't a rams coach! i have great respect for the coach and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. >> sam worked out yesterday with
5:46 am
other ram rookies and the develops report to camp tomorrow. >> a's players and coaches will serve up treats tonight. the a's hold the 15th annual root beer float day and the manager will be joined by several players and former players including canseco and hip hop artist benefit the juvenile diabetes foundation at the coliseum. >> we are talking carbs where they heavy the first charity event with 49er players tackling something different: the pasta bowl with executives are celebrity waiters serving up italian including head coach harbaugh and dwight clark, the
5:47 am
wide receiver raising money for underserved kids and teens. the 49er event is sold out. >> i would not want jim harbaugh as my waiter. but he is a great coach. if i didn't clean the mate i i - clean the plate i we have to do pushups. >> we have mild temperatures this morning. pretty nice. >> that has been the case for july with warmer-than-average morning and cooler-than-average afternoon and that the case again today for most of us. the transition will begin tomorrow so the heat wave and the winds are light at nine miles per hour in fairfield and that is not strong onshore flow and clouds what are dropping drizzle from time to time so watch out for that. winds pick up from the northwest at 15- to 25-knots north of the bay bridge through the san pablo bay and influence the delta
5:48 am
communities and from 6:00 this evening through 3:00 a.m. tomorrow it will be gusty in the beaches up to 30 knots that could reverse the warm weather as we get upflowing possible there. the warm temperatures showed the water in the 60's! >> we have a southern wind in the south bay and not so many low clouds. you will be one of the first areas to see the sunny conditions developing and mild temperatures and clear tonight and patchy fog is possible and heat and dry air arrives tomorrow. today, we will go to the south at 79 in san jose and mid-80's in los gatos and gilroy and sunshine and 76 and mid-70's and upper 70's on the peninsula and menlo park at 77 and 68 at half moon bay a warm spot along the coast and daly city and colma is 65 and south san francisco and sausalito with mid-to-upper 60's along the north bay coast and nearly 80 through the valley
5:49 am
without the wind you will be warmer today than you have been. 76 in castro valley and fremont is the spread along the east bay shore and young to 86 inland east bay valleys. you can see the patchy fog with cooler and mid-50's to low 60. the the low pressure is pulling away and we will have super warm high pressure to the south and backing toward us. look how quickly the temperatures jump, two to eight degrees and we are in the mid 90's inland and 70's at the coast. warmest days are friday and saturday. we will be in the upper 90's and mid-to-upper 80's at the bay. temperatures taper but, it will, warmer-than-average temperatures law next week. we are headed into tracy and the crash is clearing westbound 205 at mcarthur causing a backup away from i-5.
5:50 am
you are still on the brakes at 580 and over the amount pass. this sunday is 37th annual san francisco marathon and that is going to cause major shut downs our san francisco roadways starting at midnight through the early afternoon hours and along the embarcadero and through the marina district to the golden gate bridge it will run a large circumference of san francisco and travel across market street. expect heavy traffic impacted there and avoid it. this is the metering lights with traffic stacked up all the way from emeryville. it is 5:50 a mystery man who spent $800 open groceries to strangeers is talking about it for the first time. >> the 33-year-old is reveals -- revealed as the good samaritan
5:51 am
after he offered to pay for others' grocery. he just was laid off from his sales job at a start-up in concord and he wanted to do manage to turn the bad day into a good day. >> it worked. using the final paycheck to help others made him feel much better. what goes around comes around. >> you have to love that outlook, he is lucky he says that he has job prospects and others are not so lucky. >> thieves hit again, the alert going out to customers of a job online ticket vendor. >> ignorance may not be bliss for children's
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a central valley food packer has listeria concerns that included peeps and plums sold at trader joe's and costco and sam's club. police tear what deadly bacteria that can affect older adults and children. a san francisco start-up is the victim of cyber criminals who hacked into the accounts of a thousand users and stub hub users got we passwords from computer malware and bought tickets. the company alerted customers and issued refunds. law enforcement officials will hold a news conference today to discuss the case which spans several countries. they say arrests are imminent. we helping a bay area community build a great space for families. the part in oakland will be the
5:55 am
home to a new playground with crews demolishing the old space which was dilapidated. with the help of volunteers abc7 will put in a dream playground that is safe and for fun. the work is done on august 8. we cannot wait to show you the final rod. >> a lot of us will be helping in thest and mike will show us how to use the drills. >> i will be the tim allen. >> safety first. goggles for everyone. moving on with redwood city if you like acoustic blues we have music in the park dropping to 68 we so you may need a blanket. at the games, pretty nice weather 68 at 7:00 and dropping to 66 with sun. temperatures are 90 if los
5:56 am
angeles, 114 in palm springs. 69 and sunshine in monterey and 77 in lake tahoe. leyla gulen? the bay area bart transit system has 44 bart trains and we have a service advisory with a ten-minute delay in hayward in fremont and richmond and daly city direction because of equipment problems. that is going to create a little bit of a delay in the commute to work. westbound 580 and 680 we have a crash on on the shoulder causing slowing and we have heavy delay oh the altamont pass. a mat stress on fire in san jose on the first street on-ramp so getting on southbound 280 to be tricky. your kid could be overweight and not know it. a study shows many kids who are obese view themselves as normal. researchers surveyed 6,000 young
5:57 am
people and found 30 percent misperceive their weight which was true in the black and mexican american communities. doctors warn children who are obese could face diabetes and other health problems. >> the morning news continues at 6:00. >> including new detail on the man accused of imposing as a t.s.a. screener at sfo with prominent family ties he has half a world today and the difficulty prosecutors are having making the case against him. >> another hack attack involving the largest newspapers. saying "i do," town -- turns
5:58 am
oh i knew i forgot something... i'll just do it now. well, we're boarding. no, i'll use citi mobile. takes two seconds, better safe than sorry right? yeah who knows if we'll even get service on the islands? what! no service?
5:59 am
seriously? no electricity, we're going to make our own candles, we're going to churn our own butter. oh, we lost one. can't leave a bag unattended. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. to learn more visit live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, customer crash: a woman drives into an east bay
6:00 am
liquor store after leaving. president obama returns to the bay area for more campaign cash with a silicon valley fundraising he is attending. >> deadly violence steps from his hotel. >> air travelers on united states airlines are waiting to fine out if they can make it to israel as violence continues. it is wednesday. i am kristen sze. i am matt keller here for eric thomas. we had a light show year. today we have the bay bridge lights. it is mild. >> not the lightning. not the thunder. mike? temperatures are in the low-to-mid 60's. good morning to you. live doppler 7 hd shows body drizzle for the morning commute. no thunder. hopefully you got a full night's rest. drizzle at 7:00 around the bay and 65. sunny by noon


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